Dear International teams,

We are really delighted with your interest in FIRST Tech Challenge Russia program and events that we are planning to hold this season. In the 2021-2022 FREIGHT FRENZY we are planning to have 4 regional Qualifiers. Each qualifier is open for every registered team but has a limit for the number of international teams.
To participate in our Qualifiers team should make some steps.

Team should be registered at and should have 4 or 5-digit international number. Team mentor should fill the registration form below no later then 3 weeks before the competition. We will contact the Lead Mentor then by email to provide the information about the Qualifier and to collect the full information about the team and then we will confirm the team registration no later then 2 weeks before the competition.

Teams can choose no more then 2 Qualifiers to participate.

Best teams form each Qualifier will advance to National Championship that will take place in Moscow in March 18-20. The exact amount of teams that will advance from each Qualifier will be published no later then 2 weeks before each Qualifier.
Please select no more then 2 qualifiers during the registration
Mark the Qualifier you wish to participate in
Additional information
Fill this if you think there is something important we need to know about your team
We will be happy to see international teams Russia, but teams that wish to participate in our events should understand that, unfortunately, during these uncertain times we can not guarantee that traditional events won't transit into remote ones, and also we can't help teams with obtaining visas and permission to travel to Russia.

If you have questions on that, please feel free to write at
We are really looking forward to meet you in Russia in 2021-2022 season.

with best regards,
FIRST Tech Challenge Russia